February 2009 note from Mike Burdian

Dear Classmates,

It is February already! Our reunion is just a bit over 7 months away which is about the same amount of time that has passed since our first general note to all of you. The committee first started contacting each other over 9 months ago. So time is flying fast and we all have to get serious.

I have kept the names of the class members in this note visible to you so that each of us can see who is in contact about the reunion. A few have joined us since the note in October so scour the address list to see some more of your old friends that Bob Madeo and his committee have been able to contact.

For those of you who have said you won’t be able to make it, we want to keep you in the loop for two reasons: (1) in case you change your mind, and (2) to ask you to send in some information and, hopefully, pictures so you will be included in a CD that Larry Husch is making up for the class. (See note below)

The place to send money for deposit, for those who have not done so yet, is included in the attached note. The committee is looking for a more informal gathering on Saturday night and a visit to our old school (now St. Joseph’s college) on Sunday morning. The thinking is that after the dinner and dancing on Friday night and Gene Irene’s arranged boat trip to Davis Park on Fire Island on Saturday, a nice casual Saturday evening is what we will all be looking for.


As mentioned above, Larry Husch has kindly volunteered to put together a CD with bios and photos. The easiest way to do it is to send them directly to Larry at I know that none of us has aged one iota In the last 50 years but maybe our memories are fading a bit. So a recent picture would be a fun thing for all of us to have of all our friends. The bio can be as long or short as you would like. Please put it in separate document so Larry can put the disk together as easily as possible.

It is getting close and I can’t wait to see all of you.

Mike Burdian

Seton Hall Class of 1959 Reunion

Dear Classmates.

The reunion is taking shape and promises to be a wonderful weekend visiting with old friends and getting up to date with what we have been doing these past 50 years.

The venue committee has done a wonderful job collecting and reviewing options as to dates, times and services and has negotiated to get the best places and things at the best prices. The result is the below schedule for Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. More information on Saturday evening and Sunday will follow later. They have also set up a special bank account managed by Anita Pepe and Dave Hilpl to handle our deposits and to pay out the necessary commitment deposits that the hotels, restaurants, ferries, etc require to book the various places and things. Please send in your deposits as soon as you can but by no later than November 15, 2008. The committee has seeded the account significantly but we can’t expect them to bear the whole burden

Seton Hall Class of '59 Reunion

Where: Islandia Marriott 3635 Expressway Drive North (631) 232 3000

When: Friday, September 11, 2009

What: Cocktail hour, an additional four hours of dinner, DJ, and good company with open bar

Cost: $135 per person including gratuity and tax

Particulars: Send a $50 deposit per person (add $5/person if you are going on the Saturday afternoon ferry ride and lunch – see below under Saturday Afternoon) by November 15, 2008 to: Anita Pepe Disanza '59 [See class directory for Anita's address.]

Checks made out to: Anita Pepe Disanza '59

(Your cancelled check will be your receipt)

Saturday Events: Afternoon - Ferry to Watch Hill, Fire Island for lunch and a visit to the Atlantic - This is being coordinated by Gene Irene. If you have signed up for this or want to make this trip, please send an additional $5 per person deposit so that Gene can book the trip and lunch.

Evening - Gathering at the Marriott lounge (more info to follow).

Marriott Accommodations: A block of rooms is being held at $139 plus tax. If you are interested, reserve as early as possible. Telephone 1 800 228 9290, Seton Hall Reunion

Other Accommodations: La Quinta 1 800 531 5900

Marriott Courtyard 631 612 5000

Hilton Garden Inn 631 738 7800 Holiday Inn 631 585 9500

Hyatt Regency Windwatch 631 784 1234

Questions?: Carol McGahren Van Schaick or Barbara Levandowski-Fransen
[See class directory for Carol's email address.]

Hope everyone can join us for the 50th. Thank you in advance for your timely response.

Second Email Message on Saturday/Reunion Boat Trip

I attached a table of those who responded. The trip is planned for the Saturday of Reunion weekend which is Sept 11-13. If you haven't responded yet and want to go there is plenty of time to do so. Just drop me an email with the number of people. Thus far there have been 37 people who want to go. if you have responded you should be in the attached table so please check that as well as the numbers that I had to guess because of the lack of specificity in some of your responses. Ladies I have used your maiden names. I barely remember them and there's no hope for married names so please bear with me on that! The boat trip will be about $14 per person round trip. We will likely leave around 10 AM from Davis Ferry in Patchogue and return around 2 PM so you old folks (you know who you are!) can get a nap in before the evening festivities. We are planning a lunch at Watch Hill but details are lacking now but I figure around $10-15/person for lunch for a total cost of $25-30/person. All we need now is your intention to go and how many and details will follow as I know them. The hanky-panky alluded to in my previous email has been canceled. Too many of you got too excited and that may cause health problems with concomitant legal no hanky-panky... that is until you get off the boat!!



Email Message on Date of Reunion

Thanks to all of you who repsponded to my last note. It is great hearing from you and catching up.

First off, the overwhelming preference for the time of the reunion is September so we have set the dates as September 11-13, 2009.

In order for the venue committee to select a place and establish prices for the food, entertainment, etc., we need to know who is coming and if it will be just you or you and your significant other (how politically correct is that???). This is not a commitment on your part but it is vital for the committee's planning to have a rough number.

Many of you have told me that you intend to go but now that the date is set, I would appreciate it if you would let me know again by replying to this note also. For those of you who have not replied to my earlier note, I could get a complex. Please respond to this one.

Thanks. It is going to be a great time. The committe is planning some wonderful things. Looking forward to hearing from you in the next few days and to seeing you all again in September 2009.

Mike Burdian

First Email Message on Saturday/Reunion Boat Trip

As you know there is a 50th reunion in the air. Our Committee is working hard on a venue and activities. I thought that there is a gap on the Sat AM.early PM of the planned weekend reunion.and that a Bay trip to Fire Island and a lunch there and return trip might be one way to sequester us all for more contact and reunions. I know you are old and might need a nap on Sat afternoon but for those of you who could sleep on the boat please me know if you are interested in this activity and how many will participate (for example you, you and spouse, you and significant other or whatever combo's you are dealing devil!) I do not yet have hard numbers but a Charter trip to Watch Hill is doable for about $25-30/person including lunch. That's based on this years prices and for the boozers among you (include me in that) it does not include drinks or hanky panky. That will all be extra at 2009 prices.

Best regards,

Gene Irene!

Report from July 16th Meeting

Seton Hall Class of 1959 50th Reunion:
Can you believe it? 50 yearsÖ.. Has it sneaked up on you as much as it has on me???? I hope this note finds all of you well.

Most , if not all of you have been copied on at least one note from Bob Madeo so you know that a bunch of us have been trading e-mails over the past few months and the desire for a 50th reunion has taken on a very enthusiastic life of its own. I donít know who started the ball rolling on this but there were lots of notes early on from and among Larry Husch, Carol McGahren-Van Schaick, Gene Irene, Chris Beatty, Terry Dougherty, Walt Connor and Bob Madeo. A lot of us have joined along the way.

We had an exploratory meeting on July 16 to look into dates, venue, contact lists, etc. At the meeting, either in person or by conference call, were Larry Husch, Carol McGahren-Van Schaick, Chris Beatty, Betty Brink-Madeo, Bob Madeo, Charlie Hennings, Dave Hilpl, Anita Pepe-Disanza, Cathy Sniffen-Cohen, Barbara Levandowski-Fransen, Genny Smith, Joe Grattan, Charlie Cavalieri, Jeanne Owens-Corrigan and Dolores Ernst-Adams . A follow-on meeting will be held in mid-August to see what the various committees have determined. We all agreed that none of us has changed a bit in 50 years.

The purpose of this note is three-fold:
(1) to confirm that there is a move afoot to have a reunion next year. The thinking was a weekend affair and the date would be (in order of preference) the weekend after Labor Day, sometime in August or sometime in June;
(2) to get some idea of who would be attending (a quick response to this note would be fine); and
(3) to enlist your help in locating the 22 classmates Bob, Walt and his team have not been able to locate. Bob has kept you informed of whom we havenít found yet but to make things easy I have attached that list of 22 to the bottom of this note. If you have a current address or, if not, some type of lead such as an old address, where they went after graduation, etc., please pass it on to Bob at

We on the committee hope all of you are as enthusiastic as we are. I canít tell you how great it was seeing people who were the center of our lives 50 years ago and realizing that the friendship continues on even though we might not have seen each other since our 25th reunion or since graduation 50 years ago.

Please let us know if you think you (and spouse?) will attend the reunion (not a commitment yet) and if you have any leads on the 22 names listed below whom we havenít been able to locate yet.

Hope to see you all at the reunion.

Mike Burdian

Click here to see the list of classmates that have not been located.